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Annemarie Estess

M.A. | C.P.C.C.

Research-driven practices to lead and live well.

Hello there! I am Annemarie,
a leadership coach, facilitator and learning designer.
I believe that the building blocks of leading anything well -- our teams, our initiatives, our lives as a whole -- are in the daily mindsets and habits we practice. That's where real change happens.
My work draws on social and behavioural sciences to support people in reshaping how they see and do things in order to be more connected to themselves, to others, and to their important work.​
I hold a Master's degree in social sciences from Stanford University and am trained as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.
About Me



My clients are high-achieving leaders who feel like they are generally in the right line of work, yet are on the path to burning out and wondering what the intense grind is really all about.


Sounding familiar? You're not the only one.


You might be a Director overseeing a business vertical or a high-potential leader on the verge of promotion to Management. You are pushing hard and getting results, but you want to feel a better balance.

Put simply, you are looking to build a stronger sense of

health + well-being while still getting great things done.

About You




Researching coaches + fees can feel like a hassle when you already have a full plate.

To help keep it simple, here is the key info you need before applying for a coaching consult:

45-min Consult

Twelve, 1-Hour Sessions

Custom Curriculum + Support

Coaching Package: £3,400



I partner with cohorts of leaders in organisations to explore ways of leading that are more adaptive and sustainable, both for the individuals and company culture.  I take a stand for creating lively, active and practical group programmes, while customising for your unique culture and audience.

From £2,200 per day



Whether you are an organisation looking to shape an internal leadership programme, or a colleague in the Learning & Development space looking for design support, I'd be honoured to help. My background ranges from designing academic course curricula to experiential multi-day retreats.

From £1,200 per day

Coaching Appointments

In-Person: Central London (SE1)

Virtual Sessions Available

Let's Connect

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